11 People Who Wanted to Look Like Their Favorite Celebrities but Went Too Far


All VIPs, including anecdotal ones, have adherents and admirers. In any case, a few people are prepared to take the most radical measures to make themselves resemble their respected idols.For model, Argentinian Fran Mariano lost right around 220 lb to look practically like his number one artist; Swiss-American model Pixie Fox didn’t stop for a second to eliminate 6 ribs to get only a meager midsection like Jessica Rabbit .

viraly3 contrasted photographs of superstars with their clones and arrived at the resolution that some of them truly could do a show as doppelgangers!

11. Megan Fox — Cláudia Alende


Which of these 2 is the genuine Megan Fox? The one in the cap. Mistaken for their likeness? So are we. It seems like the Brazilian model Claudia Alende looks more like Megan than the entertainer herself does. Here’s another inquisitive actuality: Claudia has in excess of 2 million supporters on Instagram which is twice the same number of as Megan Fox has.

2. Madonna — Adam Guerra

t took 12 years for Adam Guerra from Los Angeles to accomplish his craving to resemble the well known pop symbol. He said it was all absolutely justified, despite any trouble. He got one of the most popular of all Madonna’s doppelgängers and he’s a normal star of the Venus D-Lite show.

3. Ricky Martin — Fran Mariano

Argentinian Fran Mariano has been attempting to arrive at his objective for quite a long while at this point — he needs to resemble the well known vocalist Ricky Martin. To do this, Fran lost a great deal of weight. This is what he resembled before his change (left photograph underneath).

It’s difficult to accept that he weighed just about 380 lbs. In 2011, Fran took an interest in a show called Cuestión de Peso where they helped him deal with his weight reduction.

4. Kylie Jenner — Amira Boualleg

The most youthful sister of the KardashiansKylie Jenner — has her own Instagram doppelgänger from France. Her name is Amira Boualleg. She is 16, lives in Paris, and says that individuals take a gander at her as though they’ve just observed her some place. Much the same as Kylie, Amira loves beautifiers and expectations that some time or another she’ll have the option to dispatch her own corrective image.

5. Superman — Herbert Chavez

Superman fan from Philippines, Herbert Chavez, went through 26 medical procedures to change into his comic book saint. He’s been gathering Superman activity figures since he was 4, trusting that he’ll be much the same as him sometime in the future. His fantasy worked out as expected when he turned 37 and it required a ton of exertion. Herbert is certain that it’s all absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

6. Angelina Jolie — Chelsea Marr

English lady, Chelsea Marr, has suffered maltreatment from terrible Internet savages due to her closeness to Angelina Jolie. The online maltreatment was one of the primary reasons Chelsea needed to drop her displaying vocation and work as the entertainer’s doppelgänger. She admitted that notwithstanding all the negative remarks, she’s glad about her and Angelina’s comparability. She’d preferably resemble that, than like Sloth from The Goonies.

7. The Hulk — Romario Dos Santos Alves

A Brazilian jock figured protruding muscles weren’t sufficient to resemble his saint — the Hulk. That is the reason Romario chose to do synthol infusions to have his arms look greater. Sadly, his analysis could’ve had a lamentable end if not for the specialists who spared him from removal.

8. Rihanna — Renee Kujur


For reasons unknown, India has its own “Rihanna” — model Renee Kijur who is truly glad for her likeness to the vocalist. She even has an Instagram account under a comparable name badgalrene, while Rihanna’s is badgalriri. Their similitude has truly helped Renee. The thing is, individuals in India favor models with a lighter skin tone and young ladies with more obscure skin typically think that its elusive work as models.


Nobody in India can deny the way that Rihanna is an alluring lady, that is the reason Renee utilizes her similarity to the vocalist to expand the impression of magnificence in Indian culture. Lamentably, this nation has a great deal of biases and numerous individuals are into skin-helping. The photographs of darker looking models are generally modified to make them look more pale.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio — Konrad Annerud


Swedish skateboarder and model, Konrad Annerud, looks so much like a youthful DiCaprio that he could undoubtedly play him in a history film. Notwithstanding, both Leonardo and Konrad appear to be like one acclaimed notable persona — Vladimir Lenin.

10. Kim Kardashian — Kamilla Osman

Kim has a great deal of copycats however Kamilla Osman from Canada is unquestionably the most popular one. As indicated by Kamilla, she never needed to look precisely like Kim, it just turned out thusly. She additionally partook in the shooting of one of the scenes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Kim distributed their selfie together on her Twitter. You can’t tell who will be who in this photograph.

11. Jessica Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, and other characters — Pixee Fox


A large portion of individuals doing cosplay stop at changing their cosmetics, utilizing hairpieces, and hued focal points, Pixee went past and went through plastic medical procedure. She changed her body’s shape, face, and even eliminated 6 ribs to have a dainty midsection like a Disney princess

What do you consider individuals prepared to go too far to resemble their godlike objects? Offer your assessment with us in the comments.




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