15 Mistakes Most of Us Make When Using a Blow-Dryer (It’s a Bad Idea to Dry Hair From the Bottom Up)


Is there some thing easier than blow-drying and styling your hair after taking a shower? It would possibly seem simple, however it turns out this manner has its hints as well. Things like the distance between the blow-dryer and the hair, the temperature, and even the course of the airflow matter.

viraly3 dove into the science of hair drying and extracted the most enormous errors out of it that you can go in advance and give up repeating after studying this article.

1. Blow-drying hair with hot air only

Practically all hair driers have a virus wind current mode and it is anything but a producer’s slip-up. Change the catch to the cool mode to fix the consequences of your styling. Chill air will slow off the vanishing of dampness, which implies that the twists will last more. Incidentally, it’s a decent deterrent technique for the presence of split finishes.

2. Choosing an incorrect airflow direction

Blow-dry your hair from roots to ends, in the path of the hair growth. Otherwise, the scales that make up the cuticle will open up, which will end result in the frizzing of the hair and will make it tangle easier. If you blow-dry your hair from roots to ends, the scales, on the contrary, will be a part of collectively and add a herbal shine to your hair.

3. Holding the blow-dryer incorrectly

Holding a blow-dryer with your prevailing hand is by all accounts pretty regular — that is the thing that numerous individuals do. In any case, it’s off-base since you need the quality and smoothness of this hand for styling and disseminating the strands of hair. It will assist you with controlling the cycle better, to work with the brush all the more proficiently, and to burn through less energy by and large.

4. Pulling the hair downward

Brushing and blowing your hair downward when blow-drying zaps any manageable for volume. Instead, pull your hand up, take hold of the hints of your hair with a comb and direct the circulate of heat air to the strands. That will assist you have a voluminous, “lively,” and easy hairdo.

5. Holding the blow-dryer too close to your head

If you hold the blow-dryer shut to your head, now not solely will you make your hair greater brittle, however you should additionally burn the pores and skin on your head. 12 inches is the endorsed distance you have to preserve between the blow-dryer and your head. How can you measure it? Just keep the dryer at the distance of your stretched out arm.

6. Not sectioning the hair

Customarily, we blow-dry the entire pack of hair by moving the blow-dryer to and fro. The cycle will be quicker and more compelling on the off chance that you area the hair into 4-5 zones and fix every one of them with duckbill clasps. Have a go at making 2 partings — a vertical one (from temple to the neck) and a level one (from one ear to the next one).

7. Keeping hair wrapped in a towel for too long

Try not to dry your hair with a towel for over 30 minutes, particularly if it’s made of cotton. The particles of this texture make the impact of contact and make hair more powerless during the resulting drying with a blow-dryer. Pick a milder towel made of microfiber and keep your hair enclosed by it no longer than 10 minutes. A significant subtlety: thick and thick hair should be about half dry prior to utilizing a blow-dryer, while the hair of dainty or medium thickness should be about 80% dry.

8. Forgetting about thermal protection

This tip will be extraordinarily beneficial to these who use a blow-dryer at least as soon as a week or even greater often. Apply thermal safety to your hair in order to defend it from viable injury when uncovered to warm air. This sort of product can be section of your wash events or one that you put on after you wash your hair, that stays on the hair. The first crew consists of shampoos and hair conditioners with chemo protective properties, the 2nd crew consists of sprays, creams, and oils.

Opt for thermal safety that is appropriate for your hair. It’s higher to keep away from alcohol-based merchandise if you have dry hair. If you have oily or regular hair, don’t go for oil-based products.

9. Not using the concentrator nozzle

We are discussing that level spout piece that accompanied your blow-dryer. This piece assists with guiding the wind current to a specific segment of hair. Therefore, you’ll have less knot and part closes and your hair will be shielded from overheating as well. Additionally, on the off chance that you direct the stream to the roots, it will give additional volume to your hair.

10. Going outside too soon

After you finish blow-drying your hair, attempt to remain inside for a brief period. An extraordinary change in temperature will contrarily influence your hair’s volume, however can likewise harm the skin on your head.

11. Starting blow-drying with a diffuser

This doubles the possibilities of getting break up ends and frizzy hair due to the fact moist hair is greater brittle and the probabilities of traumatizing it at a greater severe blow-drying pace are higher. Start with the regular nozzle at a low pace and at an common temperature. After some time, you can shift to the diffuser.

12. Not paying attention to the nozzles

Blow-dryer nozzles can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. The first team helps you with extra correct styling, on the other hand metallic tends to warmth up quicker and it will become an extra thing that can harm hair. That is why it’s higher to use a metallic nozzle for distinct events and decide for a plastic or ceramic nozzle for day-to-day blow-drying. Moreover, they are brilliant at untangling hair and heating up the hair evenly.

13. Not cleaning the blow-dryer

Have you ever cleaned the blow-dryer’s net? It’s about time that you did this in light of the fact that, in addition to the fact that dirt harms the gadget, however it can hurt your hair too. The vents get loaded up with soil, dust, clingy hair items, particles, and so on These log jam the wind stream, which brings about an expansion of the temperature inside the dryer. At last, it can burst into flames or basically break down.It’s essential to clean the blow-dryer from soil routinely.

In the event that you use it once per week, clean it once every month. On the off chance that you use it all the more regularly, clean it once like clockwork.

14. Drying hair at the maximum temperature

This is one of the foremost errors due to the fact your hair receives overdried and will become extra brittle. Max temperature will pace up the method a bit which is why you ought to set this temperature solely in awesome instances — for example, if you have curls that are tough to straighten or you figure out to do a complex style. Opt for an common temperature in all different cases.

15. Holding the blow-dryer in one position

This mistake appears to be obvious, however some humans dry their hair by way of retaining the dryer in one position. The machine ought to certainly be continuously moving, altering angles, and rotating round the head. It will assist you get easy and dry hair or a stunning fashion plenty faster.

What other tricks of the trade for utilizing a blow-dryer do you use? We would be happy to get with you in the remarks!




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