Can Women Become Pregnant While Pregnant? Science Says Yes: 10 Cases Have Been Documented Across the World


As implausible as it would possibly be, a female can turn out to be pregnant whilst already being pregnant. It sounds like a supernatural phenomenon from a sci-fi movie, however it’s proper — a girl can conceive once more after already being pregnant.

viraly3 grew to be fascinated in this subject matter and studied it cautiously to sooner or later current you with the closing results.

This uncommon situation is known as “supersaturation,” which implies the theory of a 2d fetus whilst being pregnant with any other one. As a result, a blissful mom receives two twins with extraordinary gestational a while and on occasion even two distinctive dates of birth.

Superfetation is now not the equal factor as superfecundation. The latter implies the fertilization of two eggs launched all through one menstrual length from separate intercourses. In this case, a lady will give up up having bivitelline or bicyclic twins. In the case of superfetation, a lady conceives at some stage in exceptional menstrual intervals and aside from the gestational age, the twins will have exceptional weights, heights, and even blood types.

Normally, when a female is pregnant her ovaries end releasing eggs to the uterus due to the fact the hormones ship a sign to the physique to “get prepared” for developing a baby. However, when superfetation takes place, ovaries generate and launch some other egg, which would possibly additionally get fertilized.

There are 10 formally recognized instances of this phenomenon and the remaining one came about in Australia with a girl named Kate Hill — she grew to be pregnant twice inside 10 days. She gave delivery to two infant women — Charlotte and Olivia, who have been labeled as twins, however, the time distinction between their theory was once 10 days. Though they have been born on the identical day, their weights and blood kinds had been different.

Superfetation can show up amongst animals as well. Mice, kangaroos, rabbits, felines, and sheep have all been claimed to be difficulty to superfetation. Fish have tested this magnificent potential as well.

It used to be Aristotle who first mentioned this phenomenon in rabbits. He found that in the litters rabbits had given beginning to the children had been specific sizes — the youthful ones have been considerably smaller in size. This was once the end result of superfetation, the place the youthful offspring used to be smaller due to the incidence of the 2nd pregnancy.

Have you heard about this phenomenon before? How would you react if you realized you bought pregnant twice? We would be happy to hear from you in the comments!





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